Two main reasons for the success of the John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency: Our insurance expertise and professionalism, and our commitment to personal service.
The John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency has always been on a first-name basis with our clients and continue that practice today, always striving to develop personal relationships so we can provide the best, most accurate insurance coverage for you.
The John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency help select companies best suited for your situation and ensures rapid response to get fair, prompt settlement of your claims.
The John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency will over the best coverage for your situation at a competative price by carefully selecting respected, reasonably priced insurance providers to assist you.

The John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency, a member of the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents, and a member of the Professional Insurance Agents.
As an independent agency, the John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency is not obligated to work with any particular insurance companies, so we can diligently search for the exact coverage that meets your needs.
The John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency makes reporting a claim as simple as possible -  WE are the insurance experts after all.
The John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency provides a complete analysis of your insurance needs while offering a competitively priced proposal.
We here at John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency will happily meet you at any time to provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation review and comparison of your current insurance, even over the phone!
The John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency is among the most knowledgeable insurance agencies serving all of the communities of Southeastern Massachusetts.
The John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency is a second-generation family-owned firm established in 1980 where you’re not just “another policy number.”
The John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency makes sure you are provided for in a timely, proper manner when you experience a loss.


No one knows Homeowner's Insurance like the John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency. Let us walk you through the steps to finding the best plan for your home.Homeowners insurance provides a broad selection of insurance benefits. It includes coverage for the home itself, along with the contents and all of your personal property. There is also personal liability coverage and many other benefits.

For those of you who do not own an individual home, we have policies to cover the specific needs of renters and owners of condominums as well.

At Renfrew insurance we have a variety of insurance carriers offering various discounts on homeowners insurance. We will take the time to find the policy that best suits your individual needs and budget. Contact us to discuss any of our policies.

Some of the questions to ask are:

  • Are possessions such as antiques, jewelry, firearms, golf clubs, furs covered?
  • Do I need full replacement coverage?
  • Do I need to consider the fact that we have a swimming pool or a pet in terms of liability?


The John A. Renfrew Insurance Agency provides unparalled Auto Insurance coverage by knowing the ins and outs of driving in Massachusetts.By the use of deductibles and certain credits, we can tailor the coverage to satisfy your needs and budget. Safe Driver programs and a clean driving record can reduce your auto insurance costs, lowering premiums in some cases by up to 17 percent. We also have multiple auto discounts.

Renfrew Insurance also provides unmatched customer service, including free Registry of Motor Vehicles service and Notary Public service. Whether you need complete coverage or just limited liability, contact us for a no-obligation quote. Let us show you how we can make your premiums work harder!